Looking for a study partner for my LME boards

1 year 3 weeks ago #375 by lightbulb007@gmail.com
I highly recommend CSEVideo to anyone who wants to pass on the first attempt. I passed on the first attempt with higher performance a a score report I can be proud of and give much gratitude to CSEVideo for this result. All the kids I talk to tell me they would not have passed the first time if it was not for CSEVideo,

the benefits are, that CSEVideos match the actual cs exam encounters and the first aid cases. the videos bring the first aid alive. The video encounters make it so you can understand how to act and react in each case during the exam. the physical exams are spot on and accurate according to any clinical scenario.

For me, it made my actual exam more comfortable. So Im writing this because they were very nice to me, I was unsure about my diagnosis and I could call or email them anytime to get answers even for clinical questions. The customer service people always answered the phone or my email withing minutes.were each time they were patient and very kind and even gave me discounts when i asked.

so yes I recommend CSEVideo because my experience was very positive and the other reviews Ive seen are more then likely disgruntled vendors and not real students. Not based on what my friends tell me. We all agree for CSEVideo and recommend it if you want to pass your exam quickly. Based on what I have seen lately I felt I wanted to step up for this awesome company. I have been on theis forum for a long time so you know I don't work for them. I am just giving credit where credit is due.
good luck everyone :)

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1 year 6 months ago #358 by blinky@gmail.com
Looking for someone to help me with my LME SCU Mv3s. Call ME!

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